Waco Tribune-Herald EDITORIAL: Vote for Kyle Kacal

Thursday July 19, 2012

In a five-way GOP race across a heavily rural legislative district that got little press attention, Brazos County rancher Kyle Kacal and Calvert attorney Tucker Anderson are the last men standing as the July 31 runoff election approaches. In the race for newly created Texas House District 12 — which extends from Waco to Bryan — Kacal shows the greatest promise of grasping complex issues while representing the conservative values that form the bedrock of this new district’s constituency.

Kacal is a political neophyte, but he’s well-intentioned and diplomatic. He stresses issues of great importance to farming and ranching, including ensuring the state has viable water resources for the next half-century.

He knows the financial difficulty of meeting a payroll and understands how to set budget priorities. In other words, he has the life experience and tools to do the job, so we expect that he will be a quick study and he will hit the ground running.

Although he received the most votes in the five-way contest in May, attorney Anderson strikes us as the weakest of the five original candidates.

When he was asked how massive cuts in school funding had impacted the school system in his hometown, he said he didn’t know, that he preferred to focus instead on issues framed in a larger context. We believe Anderson is missing the whole point of being a state representative.

Hopefully voters will grasp this distinction.

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