“The Eagle” Endorses Rep. Kyle Kacal for HD 12

On Sunday February 21st, the Editorial Board for the Bryan-College Station newspaper “The Eagle” endorsed Kyle Kacal for re-election to the Texas House for District 12. Stating his opponents have “unrealistic and unworkable” solutions and highlighting Kyle Kacal’s strong conservative record, the editorial board gave its recommendation that Kacal be re-elected.

From “The Eagle”:
“In an effort to appear as the ‘most conservative’ candidate in a race, some Republicans are accusing incumbents of not being true conservatives or, in some cases, not even true Republicans. The hideousness of the presidential race has slimed down on Brazos County….All of that is nonsense. All three men are, indeed, true conservatives who understand that, in Congress and in the Legislature, you sometimes have to take the best you can get when you can’t get everything you want.”
“All the incumbents have voted against funding for Planned Parenthood… They have not ‘betrayed’ the pro-life movement. All three support strengthening control of our southern border. They all are beloved by the National Rifle Association.”
“The Eagle recommends a vote to return Kyle Kacal to the Texas House of Representatives from District 12.”

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