Let’s Set the Record Straight on Border Security

In a deliberate attempt to mislead the voters of HD-12 one of my opponents has purposely misstated my position on border security and illegal immigration. I have not and do not support any “open border” policy or illegal immigration.

In fact I am the only candidate for HD-12 that has a proven record of fighting for tougher border security and stopping the tide of illegals. In the legislature, I voted for an additional $800 million in border security funding, approved hundreds of new DPS troopers on the border, and created tougher crimes for the smuggling of illegals.

When DPS Director Lt. Col. Steve McCraw testified before Congress, he noted that this increase allowed DPS “to add more resources, more manpower and more assets toward securing our border.” My opponent has used words I said regarding the need for reform within our LEGAL immigration policies to try to scare the people of HD-12 because he knows I am the only candidate that has taken any real action to secure the border.  I firmly believe that a strong nation needs strong borders, and that is why I have fought, and will continue to fight, to secure our border with Mexico.

If you agree that border security and stopping the tide of illegal immigration is critical, then I would ask for your vote on Election Day, March 1st

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