Fact Check: Kyle NEVER voted to give illegal immigrants Texas driver’s licenses

My opponent has again misled voters in stating that I voted to give illegal immigrants Texas driver’s licenses. No vote was even taken on the specific amendment he referenced because it was killed by a procedural point.*

He then proceeds to incorrectly cite a separate vote on an amendment that reads:

g) ii In this section, “driver’s license” includes any Texas resident driver’s permit authorized by law.”**

No illegal immigrant is authorized by law to receive a Texas driver’s permit or license. Instead this amendment would have only allowed counties to produce licenses currently authorized by law like those for commercial drivers.

IN FACT I voted AGAINST a specific amendment on SB 1705 which would have allowed for illegals to obtain driver’s licenses. *** (a vote to table is a vote to kill an amendment)

I would ask for your vote on Election Day because I am the only candidate with a proven record of fighting illegal immigration and we need truthful conservative leadership in Austin.


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