Rep. Kacal Is Only Candidate With Record Of Fighting Against Obamacare

Once again my opponent has lied about my record. I am proud to have fought against Obamacare in Texas and for voting to protect the privacy and security of Texan’s personal healthcare information. I have never supported Obamacare or its implementation in Texas.

I voted against the huge expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare that would have given government healthcare to able-bodied individuals for free.

Obamacare created the position of Healthcare Navigators and gave millions of dollars in federal grants to these Navigators in Texas, but established few rules governing who could collect personal data, including social security numbers. In the 83rd Session I voted with Republicans, a move supported by Gov. Rick Perry and then-Attorney General Abbott, to heavily regulate Obamacare Navigators by requiring background checks, proof of identity, and screening to protect Texans. Here is what Republican leaders said about my vote on Obamacare Navigators:

“Obamacare presents enough problems for Texans without the risk of a convicted felon handling their personal information. These are basic requirements for screening individuals hired with taxpayer money to handle sensitive consumer information, and there is no excuse for the Obama Administration’s failure to implement them from day one.”Sen. John Cornyn
“Gov. Rick Perry, who staunchly opposes the federal health reform law, first requested the additional rules in September, citing consumer privacy concerns. Republican lawmakers increased scrutiny of the navigator program in Texas after Project Veritas, a group led by conservative activist James O’Keefe, released a series of videos showing navigators in Dallas encouraging applicants to lie on their applications.”Texas Tribune
“Gov. Rick Perry requested in September that the state insurance department establish additional regulations for federal navigators. Attorney General Greg Abbott, who is running for governor, reiterated Perry’s request in November, and also sent a letter signed by 12 other state attorneys general to U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius…”Texas Star-Telegram

Apparently my opponent would like to leave Obamacare to work freely in Texas and allow potential felons to collect Texan’s personal information while working to implement Obamacare. We need conservative leadership who will stand up to the federal government and push back on the disaster that is Obamacare. That is why I would ask that you vote Kyle Kacal on March 1st.

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